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Strong Women, Strong Girls

Creating communities of strong and successful women today,
supporting the strong and successful women of tomorrow

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Strong Women, Strong Girls is a group-based mentoring program that uses the study of contemporary women role models, mentoring relationships between college-aged women and girls in grades 3-5, and activities focused on skill-building, to help enhance the lives of at-risk girls. Through building positive self-esteem and skills for life-long success, Strong Women, Strong Girls is working to strengthen the futures of all women and girls involved in the program.

Approximately 25 women at Carnegie Mellon serve as mentors for over 70 girls in the Pittsburgh area. Carnegie Mellon partners with five different local elementary schools and community centers as programming sites. Each week, smaller teams of mentors travel to the sites to engage and work with the girls.

For more information about Carnegie Mellon University Strong Women, Strong Girls please email or contact:

Strong Women, Strong Girls is advised out of the Student Life Office at
Carnegie Mellon University.

1060 Morewood Avenue
Student Life Office
412-268-2142 phone
412-268-4999 fax

The CMU chapter of SWSG is able to accept donations in the following ways:

Online - Go to, and from the pull-down "Designation" menu on the second page select "Other" and type in Strong Women, Strong Girls. Follow the rest of the steps and you're done.

Mail - When you get an appeal through the mail from the Office of Annual Giving, fill out the pledge card, select "Other" and write in Strong Women, Strong Girls. Then mail it, along with a check (made out to Carnegie Mellon University) or credit card info, back to Carnegie Mellon in the envelope provided.

Phone - Throughout the year, the Student Telefund Program attempts to reach alumni. When you take the call, the student caller will be happy to help you make a donation allocated to SWSG. Or you can call the Office of Annual Giving at 412-268-2021 to make your donation.