Safewalk-Student Life - Carnegie Mellon University


SafeWalk is currently operating on certain weeknights (no Fridays or Saturdays) with a limited volunteer staff.  Calls to Safewalk are forwarded to University Police for assistance when SafeWalk is not operational.

University Police Shuttle and Escort service is available for use throughout the year.

SafeWalk is always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested in joining the SafeWalk team contact Lenny Chan  to schedule a training session.

Call (412)268-SAFE (412)268-7233

Mission Statement

Safewalk enhances the safety of Carnegie Mellon students, faculty, and staff by providing escorts to those walking on or near campus during late night hours. Our mission is to minimize exposure of the Carnegie Mellon community to crime risks, to deter criminals, and to promote an awareness of personal safety amongst the community.

Questions about Safewalk can be sent to Lenny Chan, Advisor.