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Carnegie Mellon Council of Religious Advisors (CoRA)

The Carnegie Mellon Council of Religious Advisors (CoRA) is a body of religious and lay leaders organized around “supporting and encouraging religious and spiritual life within the campus community. Members of the council provide the variety of services including counseling, educational programs, conferences, worship, discussion groups, social events and religious instruction for the campus community from their own traditions and working cooperatively on interfaith programs.”

The University acknowledges the staff members of those ministries who are commissioned by their particular faith group to work within the campus community at Carnegie Mellon. Each chaplaincy has its own mission, objectives, and schedules, which are available through the individual faith groups. However as a whole CoRA is highly active on campus and representative can be seen at many important events including:

Convocation & Commencement
Undergraduate & Graduate Resource Fairs
Faith Fair
Sleeping Bag Weekends
Spirituality Month
Thanksgiving Dinner
Martin Luther King Day
Help Yourself Fair
Faith 101
Baccalaureate Ceremony

Click here for a brochure containing a list of all current member organizations.

Hard copies of the brochures are available at the University Center Information Desk, the Office of Admissions, the Student Life Office, The Office of Student Activities, and Counseling and Psychological Services. CoRA has offices on the first floor of the University center next to the Wright-Rogel Chapel.

If your organization is interested in becoming a CoRA member please Contact Kenneth Lawson at or Rabbi Shlomo Silverman - Chair of CoRA at .