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Residential Life & House Communities

The structure of the House Model is designed to promote significant interaction between community members. With House Council and a variety of programming initiatives, students are encouraged to take an active role within their House Communities. From improvements to the physical space to a breadth of leadership opportunities, students are strong partners in building safe, positive communities in which each person may share with others their unique strengths and talents. Students drive much of the programming within and between House communities, and student support is critical for community success.

The Student Development Office has a strong focus on the first year experience with almost all first year housing supported by our office: Boss, Donner, E-Tower, Hamerschlag, Mudge, Scobell, and Stever. Our House communities strive to provide students with opportunities to enhance their own growth and development as they progress through their college years.  The Houses are distinctive communities. each with their own character, traditions, and design, but all share core focus areas: transition, support, involvement, personal development, and community commitment.

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