Unisex Restrooms-Student Life - Carnegie Mellon University

Unisex Restrooms

The following campus restrooms are designated as unisex.  While we've done our best to canvas campus, it's likely we've missed some.  If you come across a restroom that isn't noted (or find that one of these is no longer unisex) please contact Meg Evans.

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Residential Buildings (limited access)                        

*Boss                                       ground level                                         

Doherty                                    basement, A&D towers                       

*Donner                                   1st floor, East wing (also has a shower)             

*Henderson                              basement      

Margaret Morrison Lounge       lounge area                                          

*McGill                                     ground level 

Mudge                                     1st floor-A tower 

*Resnik                                    Carnegie Mellon Cafe outside near the Qatar room

*Scobell                                   basement

*Stever                                    1st floor near quiet study

Shirley                                     basement

*Welch                                     basement

Campus Buildings

*Baker                                     A level by A 60-H

                                               3rd floor, 3 total (2 by 354S, 1 outside 360 wing)

*Cyert                                     A level-HUB hallway

*Hillman Center                       4831 (by Auditorium-4401)

*Mellon Institute                      3rd floor, by men's room and Stephanie's Cafe

*Purnell                                   1st floor (room 105) can access from outside sidewalk

                                               3rd floor (room 311) by elevator

*Regina Miller Gallery               entrance lobby

*Scaife                                    1st floor

*Tepper                                   2nd floor, hallway outside of PhD lounge

*University Center                    lower level, PNC bank hallway (2 total)

* indicates wheelchair accessible