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Study Abroad Opportunities**

Carnegie Mellon affords a number of ways for students to study abroad, and there are many issues to consider when planning a study abroad experience. There are different options depending on major, financial situation, and semester of study. No matter how students study abroad they are enrolled at Carnegie Mellon while away and the process for receiving credit is the same.

By Major

For more information on studying abroad by major check out the Major Specific Advising Sheets and the Departmental Exchange Programs. Both resources are organized by department.

Paying through Carnegie Mellon

For students with significant Carnegie Mellon funding, opportunities to pay through Carnegie Mellon and use this funding are available. These options are: University Exchange Programs, Departmental Exchange Programs, and University Sponsored Programs.

Or Not

Students who do not have Carnegie Mellon funding, may choose not to pay through Carnegie Mellon. External Programs & Direct Enrollment offer unlimited study abroad opportunities and are ideal for students with limited or no Carnegie Mellon funding.

Summer Study Abroad

Many students choose to study abroad during the summer. It is important to note that university, state, and federal funding generally are not applicable for summer study abroad. Therefore, most students study abroad through the External Programs & Direct Enrollment option.

Some academic departments at Carnegie Mellon offer Faculty Led programs in the summer. These programs are called Departmental Summer Programs and can vary year to year.

Other Opportunities

In addition to studying abroad, there are also many Work and Volunteer Opportunities abroad. Students can complete an internship or service learning project as part of a study abroad program or independently.

**Countries with a US State Department Travel Warning are not eligible for Tartans Abroad/OIE funding or Sponsored status/Exchange during the time the Warning is in effect.