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A student visa is required for travel to Japan, and, as with other countries, the Japanese Consulates and Embassy are jurisdictional.  Thus, be sure to apply through your local consulate or embassy. (Visit the map at to locate your consular district.)

A Document Checklist:

  • Your original, signed passport, which must have 6 months validity remaining post departure from Japan.
  • A visa application form, found at
  • One recent passport style 2x2 photo attached to the application form.
  • The original "Certificate of Eligibility" from the Ministry of Justice in Japan and one photocopy (For instructions for obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility, have your sponsor/institution in Japan refer to
  • Currently there is no visa fee required.  However, fees are revised each April.

Helpful Hints:

  • Verify with your program provider and/or foreign institution that you have the correct documentation, visa status, etc to study.
  • Under the new immigration procedures, when foreign nationals arrive in Japan, fingerprints and a facial photograph will be taken by an immigration control officer. If a foreign national who is required to be fingerprinted and photographed refuses to comply with this requirement, he/she will be denied entry to Japan
  • The Embassy of Japan reserves the right to request additional documents if deemed necessary. Please allow at least four business days to have your application reviewed. (Cases without the Certificate of Eligibility may take a few months.)
  • The Embassy of Japan will not make copies. If you need original documents, please bring the original and one copy.
  • For further information once in Japan, please inquire at your nearest immigration authority.

The information above is not comprehensive and may not reflect recent policy changes. For the most current and complete visa information please contact the embassy of the country to which you are traveling. Please contact a study abroad advisor with any questions or for a letter of support from the home institution verifying payment and ensuring that the student will return to the U.S. to complete his degree.