Key Summer Deadlines-Orientation & First-Year Programs - Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-Orientation Checklist

Below are the key tasks to be completed prior to your arrival on campus.

Determine your Andrew userID and set your password
Submit by: ASAP
Your Andrew account provides access to numerous campus resources. To ensure uninterrupted access, set your password now.

Update Student Information Online (SIO) 
Submit by: ASAP
SIO serves as your student profile and should be kept up to date, you can also access your transcript, register for classes and manage finances from this site. SIO is an essential online resource that you will become familiar with during your first semester at Carnegie Mellon.

Mandatory English Placement Test for Nonnative English Speakers
Submit by: ASAP
All nonnative English speakers are required to take an online writing placement test before the start of classes.

Optional Calculus Assessment
Submit by: ASAP
Who is eligible, general information, and registration form can be found at the website.
Housing Application and Agreement
Submit by: May 31
Choose your first-year housing area! All first-years are required to be in campus housing.
Dining Plan Selection and Agreement
Submit by: May 31
All first-year students are required to be on a traditional campus meal plan.  You should choose a meal plan that suits your lifestyle best.  At the beginning of each semester, we offer the opportunity for you to assess your dining needs and to make adjustments to you rmeal plan during a designated period of time.  There are specific rules that govern this change period, so please review your meal plan agreement for relevant information to inform your decision-making.  Please visit our website or call (412) 268-2139 if you have any specific questions that we can assist you with.
Special Dining Needs Form
Submit by: 72 Hours after submission of Dining Agreement
If your have any dietary restrictions please submit this form to University Health Services after you have selected your dining plan and submitted your meal plan agreement.

Voluntary Disclosure of Disability Form
Submit by: May 31
Carnegie Mellon has a number of facilities and services to accomodate students with unique circumstances. Contact Lawrence Powell at for further information.
Plaid Ca$h
Submit by:  June 20 (suggested)
Plaid Ca$h is a cash balance associated with your Student ID Card that can be used for various campus services. Plaid Ca$h is separate from the DineXtra Dollars associated with your meal plan.

Parents Information Form
Submit by:  June 30
This form will be completed with information about your parent or guardian for Carnegie Mellon's internal records.

Immunization Requirements
Submit by: June 30
All incoming students must complete an online immunization form, documenting required immunizations by June 30, 2014.  A list of required immunizations and more details are available at the website below.‪
Final Grade Report
Submit by:  July 1
You must submit a copy of your final transcript, including final grades for Senior year.

Spirituality Preference Form
Submit between July 1 and August 20
Indicate any affiliantion or preference you may have on the following survey.

College Credit Assessment
Submit by:  July 1
Certain college courses or AP classes with accompanying examination may grant students credit at Carnegie Mellon. These requests must be submitted to individual colleges for assessment and will be granted on an individual basis.
ID Card Photo Submission
Submit by:  July 11
This photo will appear on your Student ID card. If you do not submit a photo, you may visit The HUB to have your photo taken when you arrive on campus; however, you cannot move in to campus housing until you have done so.
Submit between July 21 and August 11
Carnegie Mellon University expects all new undergraduate students to complete two online courses: AlcoholEdu for College+Haven, as part of our comprehensive alcohol abuse and sexual violence prevention programs.

Prepare Your Computer for Campus
Submit by: August 13
Be aware of which operating systems are supported on campus and make note of free software that you can download or access remotely. Follow steps to secure your computer prior to connecting to the campus network.
Enroll in Online Banking 
Submit by:  August 15 (suggested)
You may link a Bank Account to your SIO profile to facilitate tuition payments online.

Tuition Payment
Submit by: August 15
Any remaining tuition balance to be paid will be invoiced through SIO. Authorize your parent or guardian to view your student account information and invoices via My Plaid Student.
Health Insurance Enrollment Form
Submit by: September 5
Students must take one of the following actions by September 5 - enroll in a health insurance plan offered by the university, or apply for a waiver, verifying that you already have health insurance that meets the university's requirements.  Insurance requirement details, as well as enrollment and waiver information are available at the website below.

Academic Registration
Submit by: Varies by college
The date and procedure for course enrollment will vary by college. You should receive communications to your Andrew Email from your college with details regarding your registration process.

The Word/ Student Handbook
Please bookmark the site for the student handbook which contains specific information and linked resources designed to provide you with the tools, guidance and insights to help you achieve your full potential as a member of the Carnegie Mellon community