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Space Reservations:  Andy's Alcove & Scotland Yard

The Office of Student Activities manages space reservations for the Andy's Alcove area (the space outside of FedEx in the Lower Level of the Jared L. Cohon University Center that contains tables, chairs, and a television) and Scotland Yard (the game room in the Lower Level of the Jared L. Cohon University Center). 

To request a reservation for either of these spaces for your organization, please copy and paste the following link into your browser at least 48 hours in advance of your requested reservation time:

If you wish to reserve any other space in the UC, please visit 25live.

Please Note:

  1.  The requestor will receive a notification through The Bridge (located in our messages) and/or email (depending on your individual settings) regarding whether your request is approved or denied.
  2. You must discard of all garbage, remove all items you bring into the space, and return all furniture to the state you found it when you entered the space.
  3. If requesting Scotland Yard, please be aware that the room must remain open for students to use who are not part of your meeting or event should they so choose. For example, if you wish to use pool tables, you must leave at least one pool table available for others to use.

Should you have further questions, please email student-activities.