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The Office of Student Activities hosts the Annual Student Organization Award Recognition (SOAR) which honors organizations, officers/members, and advisors at Carnegie Mellon University. Congratulations to all of our winners from the 2013-2014 academic year in the categories below.

Check back for 2014-2015 awards information.

Outstanding Student Organization
The Outstanding Organization Award recognizes a Student Government Recognized Student Organization that displays overall excellence, creativity, and innovation. In addition, the organization has shown strong group collaboration and has made a meaningful contribution to the students, the Carnegie Mellon campus, and locally/globally. This award is based on the quality and impact of the organization’s campus and community programming, their participation in other events, and their effort to recruit and retain members. Qualifying organizations should be recognized for at least two academic years.

2013/2014 Winner: Lunar Gala

Outstanding Student Organization Program
The Outstanding Programming Award recognizes a program/initiative that was student initiated, directed, and implemented by a Student Government Recognized Student Organization(s). The program/initiative has impacted and enhanced the CMU experience and community. The organization(s) displayed innovation and creativity in the overall implementation of the program/initiative. And lastly, the program/initiative was well-executed, fiscally responsible, and reached a diverse student audience. Supplemental nominations from individuals outside of the group will also be accepted. Please note: Programming awards are given to programs that occurred between August 26, 2013 and April 27, 2014.

2013/2014 Winner: 1000plus Day of Service

Outstanding Student Organization Leader
“My Heart is in the Work” is the motto of Carnegie Mellon University and can be seen every day in and out of the classroom. The Outstanding Student Organization Leader Award recognizes the individual who successfully demonstrates their passion within their student organization while maintaining a commitment to academics. A nominee must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher. An outstanding individual displays leadership through the following: artistic and intellectual curiosity, personal well-being, professional competency, leadership development, and engagement in and contribution to the larger community. An outstanding individual has also left a legacy and helped guide the organization into the future. Self-nominations will be accepted.

2013/2014 Winners:
Emily Anne Gibson – CMU Quidditch Club
Matt Finlay – The Oakland Review/Astronomy Club

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor
The Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award recognizes an advisor(s), who advises a Student Government Recognized Student Organization, for a strong commitment to their student organization while building meaningful relationships. Student Organizations with co-advisors can nominate both advisors on the same form.

2013/2014 Winner: Tim Leonard – Spring Carnival Committee

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