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Partners Allied in Civic Engagement (PACE)

Partners Allied in Civic Engagement (PACE) defines civic engagement as a range of individual and/or collective efforts including but not limited to philanthropy, direct service, civic discourse, activism, and social justice towards identifying, deliberating on, and addressing issues of public concern.

PACE strives to create engaged citizens while fostering a lifelong commitment to civic engagement by focusing on three key areas: embedding civic engagement in the student experience; developing intentional PACE programming; and fostering campus and community partnerships.

Email for more information of upcoming opportunities.

Learn more about PACE’s goals by clicking here.

Orientation Day of Service

Wrap-up Orientation right! Volunteer alongside your fellow first-year students on Friday, Aug 22nd. Talk to your RA for more details.

PACE Reception

Check out the Orientation schedule for details on our meet-n-greet reception.

Volunteer Fair

Featuring 50+ non-profits and service orgs
Aug 28th,11:30am-1:30pm, CFA Lawn.