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Information for Community Partners

We strive to develop partnerships with community agencies to increase their capacity, assist with publicizing one-time and on-going service opportunities, and create opportunities for students to volunteer at their organizations.

Advertise a one-time opportunity at your agency

We would be happy to help spread the word about your upcoming event or project need.  Please email with the information detailed below.  After reviewing your posting, we will forward it on to the students on our community service email list. We recommend sending your project information to the distribution list up to two times, once approximately a month before the project and again one week prior to registration deadline. Note: The ‘’ address is tied to a moderated d-list. You will receive a bounce-back notification indicating that your message needs approval.  Your submissions will be reviewed and then typically sent out during the next weekly email to our dlist subscribers.

Please include:

  •     Project description, date and time;
  •     Location of the project, including whether or not the project is accessible via PAT transit;
  •     Sign-up details including contact person and deadline to RSVP.

Advertise on-going opportunities with your agency

Feel free to send along broader information about the range of volunteer opportunities at your organization. We recommend keeping the volunteer descriptions relatively short.  Including links to your website as well as time commitment and contact information for opportunity is helpful. To maximize the awareness of your opportunities we suggest sending this information to our distribution list at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters since students' availability and class schedules vary from semester to semester. Email your opportunities to